Projects, Publishing, and Procrastination

I’m writing this one in a weird place. Turns out staying on top of this blog is pretty hard when you’re going through new training, not to mention spending most of your time in transit from work to home and vice versa. The gym has been going, and my push up goal is still on point (five push ups with right, three with left, though the form is still less than desirable), but I’m not talking about that one today. Today I’m gonna talk about another bet to myself with my dungeon master side, the plan, the switch, and then the bitter thoughts.


Part One: The Bet

So I’ve done a lot of home brew campaigns for Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder RPG (home brew meaning writing my own stories for players to be a part of) and I can’t even count all the things I’ve made. So many dungeons, cities, villages, villains, heroes, spells, planes of existence, antagonists, plot twists, magical constructs, wicked plans, escorts and more. I’ve made so many worlds because I never wanted to pay for the pre-made publishing that the companies made. I figured I had nothing but time (what with the lack of social life and extra curricular activities) so I hunkered down and made the campaigns that what few friends I had would sit down and play our weekends and lunch periods away.

So, as I hit the age of 31, I’ve decided that if I’m going to blow all of my creativity for free, I might at least put something out there that I could sell. I don’t think I’ll be able to do the professional life of an author, I want to at least put something on the market for one of my own ideas. This would be a self-publishing project, but to put something with my name on it available for purchase would make my day.


Part Two: The Plan

I made myself a promise, one that I shared on Facebook (and thus making it official). I would take my most recent creation, polish it up to an official module and artwork, make it legally compatible with Paizo (the makers of Pathfinder), get their approval to sell it, self-publish, and call it good. The only profit I need would be the money I spent to commission the art work. The first thing I’d make would be a small 10 page supplemental module that would support a bigger project. Once I get the gist of how hard it’ll be to get the legal permission, I would make the effort for the bigger project. My deadline for the first part? End of August. Let’s get to work.


Part Three: The Switch.

About two weeks ago something weird and awesome happened through a casual conversation with my group of players. We were talking about doing a campaign with a silly theme to it, and I thought of something that was a little cool. Essentially the game would be a world like “Heavy Metal” the movie and “Brutal Legend” the video game. The players hit the road in a wasteland to play gigs and concerts while fighting off monsters and avid fans. The world would be themed like a heavy metal concert and rock would be the world.

They lost their minds with the idea. Hardly hours after the initial suggestion, one of them had his characters entire history ready to go and was curious to know if this would be legit. I’ll admit that I was entertained by the notion, and turning to music for inspiration, I began to come up with idea after idea to fill up this silly but fascinating world. I began to create brand new rules and adapting existing rules to do what I needed of them. I was caught up, and even began to having to restrain myself from not getting carried away on the clock. I was spouting off new ideas left and right, and a new friend at my work (who’s a musician and knows how gigs work) was helping me come up with so many great inspirations.


Part Four: The Bitter Thoughts.

So now I’ve had to switch my focus. My original project was a creation of an island culture that was inspired by the ancient Polynesians, along with an island town that learned to prosper from the discarded garbage in a dead volcano, and a campaign arc that would bring a group of level 1 adventurers at least to level 10. Now? Well I haven’t come up with any new ideas since I’ve started thinking about the original project, but I can’t stop coming up with new stuff for this rock and roll tour. Since I’m already behind on the original idea, I might as well adjust my plan to publish the rock tour instead. I looked for similar ideas for my rock tour, and it turns out that others like to do this style, but no one was sharing their home made idea to do this themselves. I shared a snippet of my own, and now I have people on the net asking for more. So apparently, the market exists.

Now I have my new project to work on, and one that I seem to have more enthusiasm to work on. Catch is, I’m a little bitter that my original idea, one that I’ve been working on for a year, has been pushed back for an idea I came up with on a joke. The rock tour is awesome, but it doesn’t change the fact that I wish I found people wanting my original idea a fraction of what they want for this. I know I’ll get over this soon enough, but it still is a bit of an ache so early in the change.

Hopefully, I’ll share an update on my project soon enough and be over my petty resentment.




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