Minor Boop: A Quick Jot of Thought

Or we can call this one “lowered expectations” when it comes to blog writing. Just want to share a quick update about my progress.

Been focusing more on shoulders, chest, and back as of late. My mother in law needed to hit the gym every day this week to get her 12 visits for the month (so her insurance covers her membership cost). I’m going with, and doing more strength training than cardio. The people up front are doing well to keep me going with new exercises, and one of them was alternating dumbell chest presses. They hurt, and they hurt a lot. I did two days in a row at PF, all strength training.

I am sore as all get out, but I can do a diamond push ups easier now, and I can do one arm push ups on each arm (but only one, and they’re shit).

That is all for now!


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