Wait…I’m Back?

That’s right, you ladies and gentleman that actually took note (of which I’m nothing without you), I have finally returned bearing news, both good and bad, and with the hopes to return to a new schedule of blog writing, updating, and delusions of grandeur.

But in all seriousness, how about I go ahead and give a brief update on the big events that had happened while I was away, my goals, my new goals, and what I plan to do in the future.

First, the big one, my attempt at the Series 7 license for my work. After days of studying and many mental breakdowns for the betterment of my career, I must regret to inform that I in fact did NOT pass the test. Instead, I failed it by a staggering number that I dare not write aloud to the internet. It was pretty devastating to be honest, and I spent the next 18 hours in a pretty lousy mood. I had even stopped going to the gym leading up to it, abandoning all other forms of self-improvement to not get the license as I had been hoping.

But, silver lining, I did not lose my job. Instead, I was transferred to a different but similar group and have begun my training for them. The job is dealing with inter-company issues and learning much of what the licensed position would hold for me anyway. Now that I’m actually diving into an actual job instead of just studying in silence, I’m beginning to enjoy going to work again.

“Wait a minute,” you collectively cry out in disgust, “what about that bet? The 260 weight goal for your birthday? Did you eat pizza or salad?”

Calm down guys, I’m getting there.

Indeed, this is a valid question. In truth, I had neither. I became the weirdest technicality in my own mind with that one. See, ironically enough, about two weeks before my birthday, I started dropping weight like crazy. Not much had changed, in fact I had begun skipping the gym and eating crappier food. Still, every day I lost at least half a pound. Even weirder, with a week to spare, I was at 257.6 pounds! I don’t know why I lost it, (I certainly didn’t earn it) but there it was. With time to spare, I had shot past my goal by 3.

And then my birthday hit and I was at 262. Fuck.

So, knowing I didn’t deserve pizza but at the same time so pissed I didn’t want a salad, we opted for a lovely New York Strip dinner, complete with unhealthy fixens. Though I was over the weight I meant to be, I had still surpassed my goal further than I had anticipated. Call me out, but I had met my goal before and failed the Series 7, cut me some slack.


I’ll be happy to show the picture of my lowest goal in the near future, but I’ve come back from a long gym trip and discovered I have in fact gotten weaker since I gave the weights up to fail my test. Unlike before, I now have a goal in strength to hit that I know I’ve hit before, and now I want to get even stronger.

With luck, I will at least keep my blog going twice a week, keeping it to my fitness exploits. When I get into a groove again, I’ll begin the process to incorporate my nerd culture into it once more. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

Thanks for waiting, I most certainly missed you all!


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