As I Lay Here And Die…

Know that I’ve always loved myself. So much.

Hi strangers. Been awhile, as per usual with my life these days. Mainly popping on here to vent to the universe this cruel little twist of fate. For those of you who don’t know, I had made a bet with myself to hit a weight goal by the time my birthday hits on June 8th. Problem? Sure, two of them. The first is that I hit a plateau this last week and am stuck at 266. I realized that I was going to need to step up my regime if I was to make the deadline in three weeks.

Second problem? As of the time I’m typing this I’m on the onset of a cold. Throat sore, stomach icky, sneezing a ton. Though this might help suppress my appetite, I cannot work out in this shape.

I suppose I must resign myself to my salad-y fate. Happy birthday to me.


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