Stepping Back, and My Bitter Resentment To Do So

Stock broker.

Back when I wrote a panic on here about not being adult enough for my new job, I wasn’t quite sure what to call the job to explain how surprisingly daunting it was. Though this isn’t my official title, it aptly describes the meaning behind the license I’m currently going after. Stock broker.

It’s because of this I am writing this now, with a heavy heart, as it has officially taken a majority stock of my life with it.

I spend 12 hours from wake up getting ready, riding the bus, studying at my new job, riding the bus back and unloading at home. I was going to the gym three times a week while doing beach body, which accounted for three hours. Add another one and some change for dinner/clean up, another hour for goofing around, and another few moments in a state of panic by how much this material hasn’t been sinking into my mind. I’ve been panicking, stressing, and just plain losing my mind for the past two weeks, all while trying to work out all the time, attend meditation, and keep up my new lifestyle.

Bloggers, readers, friends and family, it is here that I must say that not only did I bite off more than I could chew, it was a terrible mistake that I must now remedy.

I must stop my trips to Planet Fitness during the weeks. I will continue doing Beach Body, but that two hours per day is something I need. My study time is officially more important than my tummy finally having a pair of abs poke through (yes, I have a two pack now). Last week I came home, crawled into my wife’s arms and bawled from all this stress, and until I get my license in June, I can’t keep up with this schedule. I’ll have it when I have just the job, but now when my time is severely limited.

So much to balance, so little time. This blog will be the last one that I do during the weeks, and if I do release anything on the weekdays, it’ll be something I’ve drafted in advance. I guess that’s the perk to having such a low subscriber count; not many people missing out when you need to take a hiatus.

I hope to collect my mind, and when I do I hope my body doesn’t fall too far behind to catch up. Still going to watch my intake, still going to be active, but my muscle gain will have to wait.

Thanks guys.


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