How About Those Workouts; My Tormentors Part II

You know, I’ve noticed I’ve been slacking a bit on my posts here. I won’t make the excuse for the frequency, (or lack thereof), but I will make note that I seem to be leaving what I do for my fitness more and more vague as I keep writing. Though I’ve enjoyed immensely being able to have a method to talk about my days, both triumphs and hardships, the whole reason I began this was to keep track of what I was doing. So, before I make another post about my future blogs, nerd hobbies, or this funny little story about meditating my stress away as I attempt to become a licensed stock broker, here’s what I did for my fitness today.


You remember Angelo from I Challenge Me To…Assign Tormentors!, don’t you? Well, there he was again when I was totally prepared to ask for my challenges today. Thankfully, I didn’t need to explain the situation, and this time I told him I needed a command for either arms, back, or shoulders. It didn’t take him long to come up with his suggestions. He was alone running the place, so I asked him for two.

He came up with barbell skull crushers and weighted shoulder shrugs. Not too bad, but he added a three second hold to the shrugs.

I raised my eyebrows. “Damn, fine choice,” I remarked as he nodded. He knew what he did. I made the note that today would be exhausting on purpose. I set to work for strength only, my goal to push myself as hard as I could.


First the shoulder shrugs. I went straight for the heaviest dumbbells Planet Fitness had to offer, 75 pounds. I took those bad boys and shrugged ten times, holding them up for three seconds each lift. It was hard already, but I still kept my form.

Grabbed a set of 25 pounds and did 21’s for my biceps. Noticed it was kind of easy on the form, so make a note to try harder.

50 pound barbell in hands, I do my skull crushers. Kind of easy, but that’s as high as the barbells go that aren’t in a safety machine.

To save on typing, I did two more sets of shrugs, moderate difficulty but without losing form (I unintentionally snarl when I do this, it makes me laugh at myself). The skull crushers wavered for my last two sets, but made it through. The 21’s though, the 21’s I set a new record for myself, 35 pounds! This was huge for me, considering when I started doing this blog, so a net gain of 10 pounds. Now to make it heavier…

So at this point I noticed that a new PF employee had shown up, so I went over to introduce her to the concept. Her name is Jessie, and she’s the same person who actually got me signed up for my membership. I filled her in on the details, and she was quick to make my back the focus. 15 second hold pull ups. Holy balls. I did them assisted with 45 pounds, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t struggle. After that, I went back for another exercise, and she gave me dumbbell rows. Three sets, new record of 60 pounds!

…OK, I started at 50, but I got up there!

Did three sets of an interesting forearm exercise that a passerby showed me, and did three sets of 50/60/75 on a seated row machine. My arms and chest hurt like hell, and I managed to come home and do Pilates on Beach Body (easier said than done, but done nonetheless). I needed to get this thing posted, so it’s a bit rushed, but here it is.

Thanks for the wild ride, and here’s to all of you fine folks out there! I’m off for my nightcap of red vino, then off to tackle my Friday. Peace and love!

A Fitness 006
Thanks for the pain, Angelo and Jessie. Bleck.

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