Fitness, Work, and Stories…the Scheduling!

So, I’ve still go my superhero blog in the wings waiting to pop out, but trying to adjust to my license study schedule and keep up on my fitness is proving to be one hell of a trip still, and I’ll admit my nerves are so shot that my spirit animal is Beaker from the Muppet show (for clarification, check out my post on “If At First You Can’t Adult, Fake It”). That said though, I’m starting to have more ideas on things I’d like to do on this blog.

I plan on keeping up with the fitness stuff (and for quick clarification, save for taking this weekend off I’ve been staying on course), but I really wanted to lump in my nerd life and one of my favorite passions, which is writing.

I played Pathfinder this last Saturday with some of my best friends, and the sessions are progressing nicely despite the fact none of us are in the same room as we play. These guys have some compelling characters and the campaign I’ll admit is coming along nicely. I want to share their exploits, but just saying what happened won’t have the same feeling. So, I’d like to remit to another passion of mine of creative story writing to convey our sessions over time.

I plan on writing the story of their adventures on a third person point of view, starting with the group coming together to face the current trial. It will take some time, mainly because I’ll probably write in 2000 word increments, but I hope that I do their characters justice with it here.

Beyond that, I’ll still try to make my nerd history, physical challenges, and my unending hatred for Autumn of Beach Body. Couple that with my mental breakdowns of stressing the fine points of stock broker knowledge and I’ve got the next few years of writing nailed down!


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