The Liebster Award

Right after I had just posted a blog, I get a notification from desfitlife, talking about how she was nominated by thegymbug for a Liebster Award, and then she in turn nominated myself for it as well. I won’t lie when I say I don’t know what it entails to be nominated, but I won’t ignore the fact that a fellow blogger whom I respect acknowledges me for anything, I’d be a damn fool to ignore it like it wasn’t given under consideration I don’t deserve. So thanks desfitlife!

The Rules

Thank the person that nominated you (nailed it) and answer the 11 questions they sent (about to nail it). Then I need to nominate 3-5 fellow bloggers and ask them 11 questions they must answer as well. Of course, you don’t need to respond or make up more questions, but c’mon, no reason to be a dick about it.

Questions I’ve Been Asked:

  • Why did you start this blog?

I started this blog at first to keep track of my fitness. I hate documenting at the gym, but I do love to speak my opinions and my stories, so this seemed like a good medium to work with to do all of the above.

  • Are you a planner or are you spontaneous?

Planner. I hate spontaneity for the most part, even if it’s something I like to do.

  • What’s your favorite meal?

I’m a graduated chef from Cordon Bleu, so this is not a fair question. To give ONE of my favorites, the ribeye steak, twice baked potato and green beans I make for my birthday meals are something I look forward to right after I have them.

  • What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep at night?

I used to browse Imgur, but now I have a glass of red wine then lie in bed and center myself with meditation techniques.

  • What is one of your talents?

Vain as it sounds, my empathy. I have a knack for putting others needs before myself (though this can lead to a certain level of people walking on me, but take the good with the bad).

  • What is your favorite place you have ever traveled to/want to travel to?

I’ve been to Guam before for the Air Force, but I’ve always wanted to visit Japan.

  • What is your best memory from the last year?

Last year was actually pretty lousy, but one really good moment was when I played Pathfinder RPG with my brand new group from my work, and they were hands down the best group I’ve ever had.

  • What is the best compliment you have ever received?

From my blog, actually. Someone messaged me and said that I motivated them to start exercising because of the effort I do for myself and my wife. I still glance at that message for a little confidence boost.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself in a house, with my wife, furthering myself in the job I’ve started today (and a tad sexier from my work outs).

  • What’s one thing that is guaranteed to make to you smile?

Seeing my wife for at least two days straight when she’s not working a whole week.

  • What’s one piece of advice you’d like to share?

Don’t be afraid of the actions of strangers. No one can make you angry, sad, or depressed; you can only let them.

My nominees:




And though she’s been nominated, I’m curious how desfitlife would answer these.


My questions to my nominee’s

  1. What’s your favorite exercise/machine/activity?
  2. What’s your least favorite?
  3. What’s your favorite “healthy” meal?
  4. What’s your favorite cheat meal?
  5. Marvel of DC?
  6. If you had a superpower, what would you pick for fun and what would you pick for utility?
  7. You get one night with a celebrity with zero restrictions. Who’s the lucky person?
  8. What’s your favorite thing to do when you have no plans and the day/night to yourself?
  9. What was the last movie you saw that you loved?
  10. What movie can you not wait to see?
  11. How much would could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


Thanks for the nomination desfitlife! It feels good.




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