I Challenge Me To…Assign Tormentors!

In my very first post I had made a half-hearted deal to no one saying that I’d be open to suggestions for getting in shape. This of course was a promise I had not thought through and realized wasn’t really my style. I did have one friend make a suggestion in the comments, and though it was the only suggestion made my way, I immediately disregarded it. Out of spite? Lack of conviction? No, all because of what I had said before. I prefer to have a handle on my own program, damn the man that tell me what to do.

That said though, I’m not an expert, and people out there know better than I do how to get into shape. So how do I get someone to tell me what to do while I’m still in control? The answer is simple: I become a yes man.

Today when I went into Planet Fitness, I saw an energetic pair working the front desk, named Angelo and Katelyn. I’ve seen them before, we’ve made small talk (with most of it me being annoyingly friendly) and they’ve always done a good job keeping up the good mood in the building. I saw the both of them, and being alone this time and not sure what plan I wanted to do, I asked them the following;

“I wanna work my fat front today. Chest and tummy. Could you each pick one thing for me to do?”

My plan was that no matter what they said, I’m doing it. Katelyn gave it some thought before agreeing on Mountain Climbers.


When I turned to Angelo though, he disappointed me in an instant.

“Good old push ups”.


Now, I was afraid of this, and I was praying against all things that he wasn’t going to say this, but he did. They keep a little wire basket of pens for people to sign in guests, and there was like thirty of them. It took a lot of will power to not grab them and make stabbing motions with them. I grinned and squeezed my fists, set to follow the suggestions. I let them know my plan, and they both laughed.
Setting out to the elliptical, I did my 20 minutes, now all the time at level 19. Burned 444 calories in the process. I almost stopped at 420 for shits and giggles, but then I remembered that was yesterday so it wouldn’t be funny. I wiped off my machine and found a spot to do my suggestions.

Three sets of 30 mountain climbers, 20 push ups, and something you do with your legs on your back that works your abs. I can’t remember the name, but it hurt like hell. I was in pain, and I left a considerable puddle on the mats.

Apr 21 002
It looks like two Skeksies refusing to talk to one another over potatoes.

But I lived.

So thank you, my cruel tormentors. I’m going to do this every week (if not every visit) and take whatever the guys at the desk throw at me. One suggestion per worker for each worker that’s nearby. I will not repeat an exercise if I did it that week or the week before (unless I’m strapped for time and they can’t think of anything on the spot).

So this blog is for you Angelo and Katelyn. Thanks for the laughs tonight and for dealing with my loud obnoxious ass.

Apr 21 003

Oh, and because I totally forgot to do this ages ago because my wife stole my phone, Here’s another pair of solid workers. If memory serves, it’s Ryan and Rick (from left to right) though I may have forgotten and I can’t read their names in this photo. Don’t worry, they’ll get their time in the spotlight too, I just spaced on giving them recognition when I took the photo. I’m sure I’ll be sweating and cursing them in my head soon enough.


Thanks Planet Fitness workers! Keep on keeping on!


((Side note: I went home and did Pilates with the wife, and it looks like I’m weighing in at 268! New record!))


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