And Now For Something Completely Different.

You know, I did have plans for my blog tonight. I’d drafted a little tell-all about my fondness for super heroes to continue the arc I’d wanted to continue about my love as a nerd and my influences for being one. I’d had a long day, and I’d actually tried a meditation session in a Buddhist temple that made me feel really good at the end of it. I did Beach Body with the wife even, and I thought I’d get the chance to enjoy my glass of red wine and tell you about how I felt enlightened.

My sister, on the other hand, took matters into her own control with a strange opportunity she just couldn’t ignore.

Firstly, anyone know of the gift box service called “Loot Crate”? It’s a great boxing service that sends you themed nerd stuff that can fit in a box that’s not even a foot long and half as wide. It’s mostly junk stuff you know was made and didn’t sell, but it usually comes with a T-Shirt. Well, for the four months I had it, I got three shirts, and my favorite was hands down an artistic White Ranger from Season 2 Power Rangers. It was just an awesome way to fly the nerd flag.

Well, I flew out to see my family, and that shirt came with me. I guess I left it behind and didn’t even realize it (or maybe I did and I’ve forgotten about it). Well, my sister is never one to shirk from an opportunity to cause some mischief. After my long full day where I just wanted to post about X-Men, I get this picture:

IMG_9869My sister, ladies and gentlemen, with her youngest daughter as an accomplice to the scene of the crime. I had 24 hours to respond with her ransom demands. What does this maniacal fiend want? What does she need to make someone dance to her whims?

I had to do at least 45 seconds of the Numa Numa dance and post it publicly.

Jokes on you, woman, I’d do that shit for free.

What’s more, seeing as this is my fitness blog, why just do regular numa numa? Why not…



I swear to all that’s holy, sweet sister of mine, I’ve fulfilled my end of the deal. If that shirt’s got so much as one hole in it I’m cross-country coming to kick your ass. Love you, say hi to the husband and kids for me!

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