Dammit Time, Get Back Here!

A week. Not a bad hiatus considering I never meant to take one. To think I’d stop typing, but not from a lack of anything going on, but more like trying to adjust to a new way of life and still make things happen. Allow me to explain (whine) how the workings of my day now goes.


Wake up at 0550 (I prefer military time. Easier format to type), rush a shower, get dressed in white collar attire and have myself a breakfast. Take the bus at 0700 and arrive to work at 0745.

WORK (Well, class is more accurate)

I’m going to be taking what’s called a series 7 and series 66 license for my new job. Normally a company gives you the reading material and tells you to come back in eight weeks. My company is paying me to arrive at their building to study for it. Pretty solid if you ask me, but this study material is intense (see my post “If At First You Can’t Adult, Fake It”) and it’s exhausting to get through. Eight hours of silence with a few breaks an lunch, clock out at 1700.


Bus takes another hour and some change since rush hour is a fucking BLAST (Look! Two cars pulled over! SLOW DOWN I GOT’S TO SEE THIS!!!). Have dinner hopefully before 1900 so that I can digest and get to the gym with J before it gets too late. Oh, and beach body before dinner. Get home before 2100 (which it just hit as I type this) and goof around for what little time I have. I could study, but with such long bus rides I do that on my commute.


I’ve been keeping up on my double down policy, though I’m afraid my wife slipped last week and I’ve been too tired from my employment change to make her. I mean to push her, but I hardly saw her and even though I’ve been doing the routines, I really miss having her company when she goes “seven on” that I just want to snuggle her and hold her for what little time I do get.

Plus, I was at 269 as of Saturday morning!


Having a date weekend with the wife before she went to work, I gained two pounds and am back to 271. Shit.

So I’m back on the wagon, armed with the knowledge that no, if I mean to hit my goal I can’t gorge myself stupid, even if it’s only once every two weeks. Got to keep that stupid moderation.

I plan on getting back on the blog wagon here, and I’m going to do what I swore I wouldn’t; writing my blogs in advance and proof-reading them before I send them into the void. I’ll be splitting up the categories so that I’m not lumping up my stories into long rambling word vomits.

Until next time, sorry for not calling!


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