Bouncing Back From Double Down

I had intended to wait until tonight to write this one, but I have a moment to spare and I get antsy when I want to write something. If you saw my Fitness Blackjack, Double Down post, you’ll know I’m doing gym time and work out videos. Surprisingly enough, I went through the most of yesterday not feeling too much pain from the situation. Sure, getting out of bed and climbing in and out of cars was rough, but nothing I hadn’t felt before. I did note that I’ve been feeling achy more often these days, but I think that’s a necessary evil.

So what did the videos have for us today? Turns out, Pilates! What’s that you ask? Slow motion strength training that focuses on breathing more the intensity. You don’t need weights for it, and it’s essentially core work at a slow pace. That hated woman appeared in my line of sight again, and my blood boiled.

Now, to be fair, I had Chinese for dinner about an hour and a half ago. I was preparing the menu for the evening when I was told we were invited to join for Chinese food. Now, ironically enough, I’m planning on meeting a good friend of my wife and I this weekend, and that’s the menu for the evening (she knows housing legal advice for tenant/landlord situations and I’m currently in one) and she can’t legally practice law yet, but that doesn’t mean she can talk about similar situations while I buy her dinner. So now we’re going to be eating shitty (delicious) food twice. I did do one good thing with dinner, I only ate half the plate and saved the rest intentionally. Now I have a lunch and I ate a more realistic portion (while drooling at everyone else’s plate).

To make up for this, the wife and I are now beginning a long walk routine with the dogs that we will do every night at a specific time. We had dinner, had our walk, and got back home to work out.

So here’s the video again, but this time I’m feeling too tired to be very vocal. Also, it turns out that I loathe Pilates. This video drags out, is fairly painful on my joints, and inspires no feeling of triumph when I do it. If anything it makes me hate having to put my face to the old carpet in the basement, which seems to have retained some nasty funk from the 70’s. Sure, I get spiteful at the instructor, but my heart just wasn’t in it to hate her as she properly deserved.

Got to the end of it, and the only real thought I had as I mopped off my drenched brow was “man, I can’t wait to take that walk tomorrow”.

So even though I succeeded, I didn’t feel like a winner this time. Now it’s Friday, and my legs are feeling a bit like jelly. Tonight is the “full body cardio” on Beach Body, and the gym is going to be back, glutes, and whatever I feel like throwing on top of it. I’m sure I’ll make it, but I won’t lie and say I feel 100%



Imma gonna go have some leftover Chinese now.


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