Fitness Blackjack, Double Down

So the last time I said hi, my blog was about how my cholesterol was higher than it had been before. I’ve made the decision to double down on my fitness for the sake of health on top of my goals of a sexy body. My wife had been neglecting to do her “21 Day Beach Body” exercise, a workout series that makes you work every day of the week for about 30 minutes specific areas of the bodies, with Sunday being the lightest with Yoga. When she did it, she lost 9 pounds and some inches off of her waist, so I know the system works. I was warned by another blogger not to over exert myself, and I’m definitely taking her advice.

With that out of the way, let’s take a sneak peak at my week to this wonderful hump day.


Beach Body, Day 1: Upper arms.

double take
…wait, what?

Yup. Just my luck that the day I begin to do a workout video with the missus, it has to be the day that works your arms, chest and shoulders. Having just done this, I couldn’t help but feel like I’d already bitten off a bit more than I could chew. Still, I was doing something for my own sake and getting my wife to do it alongside me. It was only thirty minutes, so I knew I could just soldier through it.

The actual video wasn’t too bad, to be honest. Oh, I sweat, I grunted, I sweat some more, and I constantly burst in foul language at the perky instructor on the screen who kept shouting encouragement to keep going. Now, I’m a new age man, I value and support women and the trials they go through for equality. I’m not a menanist, but I don’t believe in male superiority.

That said, it turns out I’m a pissed of misogynist when the woman in question is on a TV and making me feel pain.



These were my milder outbursts. The wife was laughing quite hard, which in turn made me do it more. I enjoy hearing her laugh and seeing her smile. We finished the workout and I felt quite the feeling of accomplishment. Maybe I can do this?


Beach Body day 2: Legs & Planet Fitness: Abs

gird your loins

The first test of the difficulties of doubling down. I made a lovely dinner of chicken breast wrapped around Colby and shredded pork (a little bad but still delicious), broccoli polenta (my new favorite side dish, cutting half of the cornmeal out with chopped broccoli is amazing), and seared broccoli. I’d been good with my food today, so I was feeling pretty good when we got to leg day.

Leg’s were quite the struggle. I have bad knees, and this video doesn’t care. I got a little more vulgar this time around, not to mention louder. I managed to survive but I had to do the modified version of some exercises from shaky legs and knees that were giving out. I trashed my workout shirt, but otherwise succeeded.

Off to planet fitness. At first I thought I’d do lighter cardio, but I still managed to do the full set, only this time 500 calories. I did do a lesser weight training though, but I pushed myself through the following:

  1. Straight arm ab push: 170, 15 reps
  2. Abdominal crunch: 125/140/155, 10 reps
  3. Abdominal (another mystery machine):170/175/180, 12 reps
  4. Oblique rotation: 175/180/185, 12 reps both sides

My legs are a bit shaky, my abs are a tad tender, but hot damn if I don’t look at my second sweaty shirt in the mirror and give a goofy grin, knowing that today I busted my ass off and was still standing at the end of it. I’m starting to feel good, powerful, accomplished, and everything that I’ve been meaning to be with this health kick.

Maybe I’ll regret it in the morning from the pain, but I won’t let it keep me there. I don’t know what Beach Body is tomorrow, but bring it on you smiling bitch, I’m ready for you.

nailed it
A slightly soggy me, victorious.




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