Distressing News and Drastic Decisions

Keeping in mind that I’d made the decision to try to better myself weeks ago, it’s kind of funny how sometimes the universe will let you know you made the right choice for yourself. Sadly, this tip off from the universe brought me to notice my own mortality in its own way. Before I continue I should say that I’m not actually dying or anything like that, but I got my first piece of news that I’m 30 and the human body doesn’t get better with age.

Last week I did my introduction appointment for the Veteran Affairs clinic in my area. Having been recently separated from the Air Force, it’s basic practice that I keep myself monitored by the VA for potential worsening of injuries sustained during my enlistment. Yes, I’ve had a couple incidents that made me go to the emergency room, and Uncle Sam want’s to make sure that if any of those injuries flare up in the future, it goes on the record as “their fault”. I’ve heard horror stories of hellish visits with the VA, but my trip was rather painless.

My trip consisted of mostly answering questions, getting my blood pressure done, getting the flu and TB shot, and finally drawing some blood  for general testing. Everything looked good, and not even thirty minutes after arriving I was on my way home, arm sore but otherwise in good spirits.

Cut to Monday evening after dinner. I had made a rather fulfilling turkey breast, quinoa and salad and was looking forward to my gym trip that night. My mother in law gave the wife and I a stack of mail with our names on it, and one of them was a rather blank looking envelope from the VA. I open it up and take a minute to realize it’s the results from my trip. Everything seems alright to me, (since I don’t speak doctor) but the paper says “all results normal, unless comments on back say different”. Confused, I look at the back expecting nothing, but see the following:

“Cholesterol levels too high. Consider becoming more active and a diet change.”


So here I am, 30 years old with my first instance where I’m not being suggested that I might need to worry about taking better care of myself, but now I have medical evidence to support this claim. my levels are 237 (200 and below is normal) and triglycerides at 177 (100 and below is normal). I was taken back by this news, wondering were my activities really this bad? I’m told this isn’t horrific, but it still shook me up something bad.

Up until this point my reason for my new activity change was for vanity first, health to follow. Now it seems that my goals are now hand in hand, bodily health and sexiness. The gym was a good visit that night, 600 calories on the elliptical in 33 minutes, and a slew of weights for the arms, pecs and shoulders. The machines/weights of choice were:

  1. 21’s bicep curls: 20/25/25, 10 reps (form struggled at the end)
  2. Chest press: 90/100/110, 12 reps
  3. Front pull down: 85/95/105, 10 reps
  4. Standing military press: 30/40/40, 10 reps (thank you stranger for teaching me this one!)
  5. Incline press: 50/55/60 12 reps
  6. Tricep curls: 90/100/110 12 reps

(Should be noted that I’m saying that the first set of numbers are the amount of weight I used on each exercise, and always in sets of three)

Good workout, sweated a lot and my shoulders are achy today. My wife even did her 21 day workout while I was out (which I’ve been nagging her to get on track with), and it gave me an idea. As I support her mother to go to the gym for her health, I want to support my wife and help myself as well. I have agreed to do the 21 day beach body workout on top of my three days a week at the gym. This might be biting of more than I can chew, but if it keeps my wife active and helps out my own health as well, who am I to not try?

Wish me luck as I move forward, and see you next time!


2 thoughts on “Distressing News and Drastic Decisions

  1. The good news is that you were already willing to make the change before you got the news. Just make sure you are giving yourself some time to rest in between! The last thing you want is to overexert yourself and be forced to stop working out in order to heal!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fair enough. If there’s one thing I’m good at is making sure I’m not overtaxed too much. We’ll see if I can get through the first week to see if it’s too much. Thankfully, 21 day beach body does offer the “modified” version during their workout videos in case you can’t keep up with the regular.


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