What is it you say you do here?

So as I keep going with this, one thing that crossed my head is that I haven’t really made much use of my username. It’s kind of a let down to say I’m a “nerd” when I just make poorly made MS Paint cut outs of heroes with my face on them. So, how about a little bit about me and why I feel I deserve the mantle of nerd, and what this had to do with a fitness blog.


I’ve always been an avid fan of superhero stuff. I remember being in awe of Micheal Keton’s Batman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, watching Power Rangers (Season One, OG like a f***ing boss), all of the 90’s cartoons and so on. I never got into comic books as a whole, but the characters born from them were mesmerizing for me. Though I would pick Marvel over DC, it’s only because Marvel has X-Men, not because I don’t like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or my all time favorite Green Lantern (thanks Fox for butchering that movie).

Around middle school, I discovered the biggest addiction I’ve ever had; Dungeons and Dragons. At first I just played with dialogue, just saying out loud what we did and one of the other guys would say if it worked or not. It wasn’t enough. Soon I was buying books, borrowing dice, and trying to meet all the time and play every day when I could. My favorite thing to be in the beginning was an Illusionist wizard, though my tastes have changed over time. I became the Dungeon Master for our sessions as I tended to be the best to improvise on the fly and I enjoyed writing up the stories. To this day I still continue to write my own plots and characters, though I don’t have anyone to play with having just moved to the Midwest.

I can’t stress how true this is…

I’ve had more table top books than I care to admit, I have board games coming out of my butt, and I write my own personal novels with all kinds of fantasy elements. I hate being asked my favorite movie because most of them people don’t know/like/care, and there are too many to work with. Off the top of my head, I love Willow, Punisher, Dredd, Watchmen, Batman/Superman: Public Enemies, and a whole plethora of animated superhero movies that I don’t have time to list. Obscure science fiction movie on Netflix? Well, I’ve got two hours to kill!

I’m also a fan of anime and manga. Dragon Ball Z was my gateway drug, and over time I learned of many more and the different styles. Code Geass is my favorite when it comes to complicated story lines, and I’ll always give a new show three episodes to grab my attention. I’ve seen some terrible ones, but I don’t want to limit myself due to bad cover art or a weird opening plot. After all, if I did that I’d be too estranged to watch Kill La Kill.

“But Alex, what does this have to do with a fitness blog?”

Fine, cut off my steam, that’s cool.

There’s one thing that I’ve wanted to do in the world of nerd that I’ve never had the courage to do: Cosplay. Yes, I want to dress up in costume as a pop culture character and walk around a convention. What’s that? I can do that anyway? Well, in the mind of a more confident person, sure, yeah, no problem. My mind? Slightly different. I’m really tall, and most of the characters that are really tall are also in amazing shape, since usually the tall guy is some kind of bruiser/brute. I’m always in awe of the people that are ripped and go in costume, and I’d like to have some definition in my muscles before I take the plunge and do it.

My cosplay goal. Fifty points if you know.

Now, I’ve done dress up before, mind you. I loved Renaissance Fairs growing up, and I went as a Templar knight a few times and then in a generic fools outfit. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable in a get-up, I just want to look like some serious sexy business when I go in costume. I can’t do the full armor way to heavy stuff, I couldn’t even wear a chain mail headdress for several hours outside.

As this blog rages on in the future, I’d love to share more about my nerd side and my exploits to the culture of the shunned (though seemingly not so much in this day and age).


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