Not Nerd, Not Fitness, but (shudder) Politics….

I hate political rants, I really do. They’re one-sided, self-serving, and are statements that are fueled more from emotion than they are logic. Unless they are masterfully crafted, it’s actually hard to write a rant that’s well-received considering at the core of it you absolutely have to offend some people who take the time to […]

New Plan, New Challenge.

So after having fun with losing the weight from before and gaining some back, (in the tales of Wait…I’m Back?) I couldn’t help but wonder what my next goal would be. Returning to the gym from a two week hiatus, I thought my next challenge would essentially be getting back to where I was and try […]

Wait…I’m Back?

That’s right, you ladies and gentleman that actually took note (of which I’m nothing without you), I have finally returned bearing news, both good and bad, and with the hopes to return to a new schedule of blog writing, updating, and delusions of grandeur. But in all seriousness, how about I go ahead and give […]

As I Lay Here And Die…

Know that I’ve always loved myself. So much. Hi strangers. Been awhile, as per usual with my life these days. Mainly popping on here to vent to the universe this cruel little twist of fate. For those of you who don’t know, I had made a bet with myself to hit a weight goal by […]